Panhandle Patriot Actions

Florida Panhandle Patriots is active throughout the Florida Panhandle and our State.

Our members are involved in many groups * attend local & state meetings * follow issues * call & meet with our Legislators.

Re-electing Trump 2024 * Education  * Agenda 21 * Protecting our 1st and 2nd Amendments * Illegal Immigration * and many more important issues are at the top of our list.

Contact us to find a group near you.

Florida Panhandle Patriots

In the early years - we set up booths to educate voters - met with candidates and supported them - held large rallies and brought in speakers - attended local and state meetings - and more.

Help us as we continue to  fight for our country and the Constitution

Defend Florida

Defend Florida is connecting people to groups across Florida to take action.  We encourage you to sign up and get involved in an issue that you care about.   We the People will make the difference to protect this country.

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